29th October 2007, 10:08
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My Team - Shrewsbury Town
Hiya all,

I am new here. When I first starter playing the game, my shit team called Shrewsbury Town as I had look at the players I have and all the rest of players was crap. I had train them and some of them have ship out and some players that I have bought. I also have to balance the book when come to moneys.

So for this season in League TWO, Chairman say to me that my target is 17. I have done very well as I came 5th in the league then we won the play off which I am very happy about,

League one, here we go, This time I have quite strong team, some of the players need to ship out and bring better players in. I keep train the players skill and it all going very well but I miss out on play off which I came 7TH as I was so disappointing.

So next season, I aim my league positions go one better than last season. I have now strong team and I keep training players skills to make them extra stronger. I came 5th at mid-season but then I thought why not I put keep training players on FITNESS and see what happened. I was quite shock to see my team went top of league at the end of season.
I was really please and I am glad I took change in training from player skill to fitness.

Next up, The championship. I know it going to be tough league but my teams is strong and it will become very strong teams. I look at tranfer markets and the value seem getting higher and higher as the players I see are world class but the problem is I couldnt afford them. So I stick to training players skill and fitness as well. So my team came 5TH in the league which is was tough league. We won the Play off final by beating Stoke city 3-1 pen. Yes it is was like lotto play off but my team was very lucky to win in semi final and final too as our luck went in our way.

Now we are in Premier League which I think it is Great. My task is to make make sure that we stay in the premier league because Premier league would be my TOUGHEST Challange. The first 10 games, I came 10th which was pleasing and I need to get manys points as I can and as long as I finish 17th then I would be very happy. I didnt buy any players this season due low tranfer funds as I have to stick on what I have got and try do lots of training on players skill and fitness as well. First 20 games...it still going strong and I still at 10th which is showing me that my team are getting stronger.
When got to up 30 games....I start to worry that my teams was losing some match that we should won or drawn.

So there were 30 games gone and now there 8 Games left. Can I really save my teams from the drop? Those next 5 games was very tough as I had to face like chelsea, man utd, liverpool and arsenal. It is good job that my home team got very good form and I manager to beat man utd,chelsea but lost against liverpool and arsenal. I was watching on how many points have I got which was 35 points. next to bottom, there was team called west brom which got 30 points. There were 3 games left. I thought that if we win one game and drew next game then we got very good chance of staying in the premier league. For next 3 games, west borm won 3 games and my team, we won 1 and drew 2 which mean I have 40 points and west brom had 39 points.

So that mean they are going down and we are STAYING in the PREMIER LEAGUE....What a AMAZING SEASON!

I am planning on next season to be in top 15 but it will be very hard as wish me luck eh? ;-)

thanks for reading :)

p.s. sorry for poor english
4th April 2008, 17:53
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are you mental?
9th April 2008, 12:14
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how do injured players get better
11th April 2008, 13:55
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love and appreciation
31st January 2009, 21:44
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im at gunners

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