17th October 2006, 13:47
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Barry Gibson
Full Member
Robert W
How do you amass so many points?
23rd October 2006, 09:44
Posts: 5
Robert Watkins
Full Member
Cos I win lot's of games! I have good cup runs! And I'm amazing! lol
I'm gonna try to complete the 5 hours this week, I haven't done it in a while which has become quite annoying!
30th October 2006, 08:51
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Junior Member
So Barry:

Given you've just won the competition - how do YOU amass so many points!!
30th October 2006, 09:15
Posts: 15
Barry Gibson
Full Member
I only won because robert did not complete the 20 hrs lol, you just have to wait until your happy with your squad and then enter the comp whilst your winning

25th November 2006, 12:37
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Barry Gibson
Full Member
5 hrs i mean

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