8th October 2006, 12:06
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Competition Hints and Tips
Congratulations to "john" who won this weeks competition with a score of 441. Here are some tips on how you can improve your competition scores and be in with a chance of picking up the weekly prize of 20 hours game time:

* Time your entry well - if you enter the competition while you are in the midst of a relegation battle you are unlikely to score well - wait until you are just turning round your teams fortunes before entering
* You get more points per game the more leagues your team is above it's starting division. I.e. you will score higher in arcade mode by starting in League 2 and quickly being promoted to the Premiership than you would by choosing to start in the top league
* More points are available on the Hard level than the Easy level. However it's harder to win games on the hard level and at the end of the day you get points by winning games so this is a bit of a trade off. So far, nobody has won a competition playing on the hard level!
* Progessing in the Cup competitions further than a team at your level would be expected to also gains points.

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9th October 2006, 10:51
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Robert Watkins
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That souns like a challenge!
I will win this week doing it on hard!
It's fair enough to say I won last week, but didn't have enough time to do the 5 hours! Gutted, would have been 3 weeks in a row as well then.
After I've won it this week perhaps I'll give you my hints and tips on how to win!
11th October 2006, 16:27
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Big Phil
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I'm on your tail!
(I could be second for the third week in a row at this rate!)

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